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Energy Construction, LLC., has been serving the Capital Region and Hudson Valley for 28 years, using the latest technology to analyze and optimize energy efficiency, safety, and comfort. As an accredited Building Performance Institute Home Performance Contractor, we can work directly with homeowners or property owners to provide a comprehensive home energy assessment and make the necessary corrections.


This assessment is designed to work within New York State Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program. In this program homeowners chose incentives provided by NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority); low interest loans up to $25,000, or the homeowner financing incentive, where homeowners receive up to $3,000 (10%) of monies spent on eligible measures.


After our inspection, we input the Data Energy Analysis Program that provides the details of the recommended improvements and expected savings.

You can increase your comfort, protect your health,
and save up to 30-40% on your energy bills!

Read more about our energy audit process or read our customer testimonials.

Lower the HIGH COST
of heating and cooling your home.

Call us for your energy audit today!
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