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Building analysis
Our Building analysis on average takes about 3-4 hours and it is conducted in the following manner.

  • We conduct a thorough inspection of the shell of the structure to see if it is airtight and sound. We look at the entire house as a system.
  • We complete a visual inspection of the living space, attic, basement (or crawl spaces), and perform a number of tests using special diagnostic equipment. This equipment includes a blower door, which measures how much, and where, air is leaking. We make health and saftey check tests to determine appliances, (furnace, boiler, hot water tank, and stove) equipment are operating safely.
  • We make recommendations for ENERGY STAR label appliances and energy efficient light bulbs in the course of the assessment.
  • We provide comprehensive and detailed reports along with accurate pricing for making recommended corrections.

One of the effective methods employed in our assessment is the use of our infared imaging camera.


Gary has been using a FLIR infared camera since 2005 to analyze mainly residential homes of all ages to inspect for energy losses in the shell and heating systems of homes including utilizing blower door technology in conjunction with infared imaging.

The blower door device is attached to a exterior doorway with an airseal. When the fan is on (exhausting) it causes air in the house to be pulled through any airleaks. This technique proves extremely helpful in detecting air leaks to the exterior or pathways to the attic.


The other important area is the combustion efficiency analysis of the heating system combined with safety analysis of carbon monoxcide levels present and to check for smoke and carbon monoxcide detectors. We want to let you know that the common carbon monoxcide detectors, approved and widely available on the market, are indendent to save your life, they are not designed to protect your health! We can advise you on the appropriate detectors.


For more information on CO Levels of Concern and a Low-Level Carbon Monoxcide “Health” Monitor check out this website.


Once we have gathered all of the data we can provide a complete computer generated report from which we can make recommendations.

Building Correction


The typical area of building correction are.
Insulation – spray foam, cellulous, fiberglass


Air Sealing – sealing holes in interior and exterior, closing air pathways, weather stripping,caulking interior/exterior


Door & Window replacement – replace with ENERGY STAR label


Ventilation – bath fans, kitchen fans, ventilate attic. Ventilation will remove moisture, prevent ice dams, remove indoor pollutants, improve air quality and comfort.Help prevent mold, mildew.


Appliances – replace with ENERGY STAR label


Heating system; Heat and Hot water – replace with high-efficiency and state of the art systems and ENERGY STAR label. We also work with solar hot water system installers, and photovoltonic systems.


Measuring Results
-New insulation where there was none can save 30-40%, or around $750 a year. -Airsealing and closing holes and cracks can save $300-400 per year.
-Newer type florescent light bulbs at a cost of only $3-4, can save $50 over the life of the bulb (4-11 years).
-The Building is more comfortable, healthier and safer.

Call us for your energy audit today!
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